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La Décima!

While waiting bored for the World Cup to start and without any quality football to watch, I decided to express my opinion about the outcome of this year’s Champions League competition, especially the finals. Obviously, I was disappointed with Chelsea getting kicked out in semis, still no hard feeling towards Atlético from me, on contrary – I was cheering for them to win the title! How the finals in Lisbon ended – you all know! Even I was sad and I can just imagine how Atletico fans felt! Anyway, for more info about that match and some analysis I would recommend you to check out my friend and a fellow Chelsea fan Atdhe articles on Sports-Ltd!

So why did I support Atlético in the finals? It’s not only because of Courtois plays for them (although that was important too), but because I really like Atlético overall, they are actually one of the rare football clubs (not counting Chelsea of course) that I got a little love for. Maybe because, on the other hand, I don’t like Real at all! I have never liked them and I even started hating on them during the “Galacticos” era when they were buying all the best players out there every single year! Also, I got to say that I respect Simeone’s work a lot, he really did a great job and he deserved that trophy after winning Spanish league, even though many people were saying that it would be too much, but I disagree! After their lead I was almost sure they will win the game. That’s why the late goal from Ramos was such a shock for me! But I got to admit, when that happened I knew Real are going tu stuff Atlético in extra time. It was a too much of shock for them to handle. And that’s what happened.

On the other hand, even if I don’t like them, I got to congratulate Real on 10th European title. What an achievement! Nobody will beat that anytime soon. Hands down!

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Can’t wait…

… for tomorrow’s game. ;) Since I’m going to watch the game pretty much relaxed because I’m assured that we already secured our place in quarter-finals (I believe that players are not relaxed though and that they will take this game as seriously as possible) the highlight of the evening for me is going to be Drogba’s arrival on the pitch of the Bridge again. ;) It was already nice to see him at the press conference, but at the same it was very strange to see him in Galatasaray’s equipment. And even with what he said in this video he proved one more time that he is true CFC legend and a great professional too!

Welcome home!

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Welcome home, Didier!

I think every honest football fan would agree that Didier Drogba is one of the top five strikers in the 21st century. Being a Chelsea fan I’m maybe biased, but my personal opinion is that he is actually the very best striker in the new millennium. No doubt, he’s a real modern Chelsea icon and he has been my favorite player from the same moment he played his first game for the Blues. That’s why when he left Chelsea that was such a sad day for every Chelsea fan, even though we all knew that moment will come. But with him going to China to finish his career I guess nobody really even considered the option that he might play against Chelsea in the future and especially that it might happen so soon! Well, obviously feeling that he still got something to say in the European football Drogs was quickly back in Europe.

And that wasn’t all, as you already know, the draw for CL round of 16 decided that his new club, Galatasaray, should face no one else but Chelsea! Damn, it was a shock for everybody, but at the end of the day we were all happy – Drogba will play on the Bridge again! Even Didier himself expressed his happiness in his statement on Instagram: “What a draw! I’m the happiest man of the competition. I will play both of the games at home. See you in several months.” He showed us once again how great he is! Also, just a few days ago I was excited to see that he did an interview for Chelsea TV, here is the link for it: Exclusive: Drogba’s Life After Chelsea. Amazing! This gets me even more excited for the moment when I will see Didier on the Bridge pitch, even though he won’t wear the blue jersey. It will be one of those rare cases when thousands of fans will cheer the opponent player with standing ovations. And who deserves that more than the great Drogba? I’ll say it again: WELCOME HOME!


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Something about me and this blog…

So after a few months of inactivity today I have decided to restart this blog. So, first of all, who am I? Well, nobody special, if you are reading this blog right now I guess you are someone just like me – crazy football fanatic who simply love to watch football and to discuss it with others. I’m someone who loves when his opinion gets heard. That doesn’t necessarily means that I’m always right though. :) Also, I’m a die-hard Chelsea FC fan and I’ve been that all my life, love for the Blues goes few generations deep into my family tree. So as you can see pre-Abramovich era Chelsea fans are not such a rare kind as someone might think. :) I hope you will enjoy my blog, and of course – comment, share, reblog! :)